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October 2021

Oct 25

Do As I Do

By Jenna Tschida   My father took his first trip to Guatemala when I was a high school sophomore. When he announced to my family his intention to travel to this far-flung country, I was puzzled.   “Why?” I asked him. What’s in Guatemala that’s so important that it required an eight-hour plane ride and him to be...
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Oct 18

Jack O’ Lantern Poem

From the beginning, Christians utilized every-day objects and familiar symbols to communicate how they saw God or themselves through the eyes of faith. Jesus did this when he taught through parables. The Jack O’ Lantern Poem is a contemporary example of this centuries-old practice. Consider creating your own jack o’ lantern to...
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Oct 11

Got a lost cause?

Nothing is impossible for the patron of lost causes, St. Jude. Jude was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. In Scripture he is called Thaddaeus and is also known as Jude Thaddaeus. In icons, St. Jude is often shown with tongues of fire around his head, representing the receiving of the Holy Spirit, along with the other apostles, on Pentecost....
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Oct 4

A prayer for animals

October 4 is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. St Francis recognized that one’s relationship with creation often reflects one’s relationship with the Creator, especially when it comes to respecting all that God has provided by being mindful of how we use and care for these gifts. This is part of why St. Francis is recognized as the...
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Family Living

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